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Ganeshpura & Baisnagar, both the villages are historical thus of archaeological importance. X Being historical, ancient coins, statues & many other stone works have been obtained under many archaeological surveys.


Generally every festival is celebrated with great pleasure in the village. But RAMNAVM1 is the occasion of great importance for them. Behind this importance there is a religious story which is as follows:

LORD VIKRAMADITYA was the owner of this land. He had gifted this land to LORD GABRASEN as dowry in his sister’s marriage. Due to this he got cursed became an ass. As said by the female servant of the Queen, the body of the ass was to be burnt to get rid of this curse. But on doing so the ass turned into a monster. Therefore everyone was warned to leave the place to save their lives. Later on every thing was destroyed by the monster. Baisnagari became a dead land- with no living things. This Baisnagar was then re-established after 50 years on the day of Ramnavmi.

Hence Ramnavmi is of great importance for Baisnagar©.


  • Narmada & Ganga Sagar yatras in the month of Saawan.
  • Jagnath Pun yatra.


  • Ramleela mela in Vidisha at the festival of Makar Sakranti whose duration is one month.


  • In general celebrations start from the day of fixing marriage; but major celebrations start 3 days before the day of marriage.
  • Two days before marriage the tradition of oil is performed & on the next day the tradition of turmeric is performed.
  • Generally night-marriages are held.




  • POORI-BHAJIYA is most liked by the villagers.