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Compost is the natural fertilizer prepared using natural components of the environment. You can prepare them in your home by your self
You can get compost by commercially. But it is better to produce compost by yourself
There are two types

Pit method

  • You have to prepare the pit in following way

Depth 0.5m

Length 1.5m

Width 0.75m

  • Bottom layer(15cm) - Slowly decomposed materials
  • Middle layer(15cm) - Tender Parts/Easily decomposed materials
  • Top layer (15cm) - Carbon rich materials/Paddy straw

  • you can change the dimensions according to your availability of materials
  • When filling you should apply water for each layer
  • After filling , you should cover the pit by using a mud layer or a black polythene
  • It is better to make a roof for the pit
  • After 6 weeks you should mix the pit and wet the materials if there is no moisture there
  • Mix the components after another six months
  • After 15-16 weeks, you can use the components in the pit as compost
  • It is better you can mix the pit in 2 weeks interval

Pic32c.jpg Tc7.jpg


Heap method

  • This method is same as pit method
  • This is suitable for high rainy seasons
  • You should dig slight deep pit (depth 8 cm, length 2m, width 1m)
  • Maximum height of the heap should be 1-1.5m
  • Filling and mixing is same as the pit method
  • You can also prepare compost as showing in the picture