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This is a page through which we will try and learn how to use the wiki for working in a collaborative mode.

To understand how this was written please go to edit mode.

  • Before starting it is better to create a login Id with password, and log in.

Any contribution is identifiable either through login Id or IP address. See Quickstart_guide/creating_an_account

  • The History button gives you a page which traces all individual contributions.

You can recover any old version, you can cpmpare versions.

  • For editing or entering content click on edit and the page opens in an edit mode.

See Quickstart_guide/basic_editing

  • Enter content, then save directly or after preview.

  • For creating a new page linked to this page we just create an new page.

  • For creating a new page not linked to any just type title of page after url of main wikieducator url.

  • For linking to an external link we enclose the url within single square brackets for example DU Website

  • For changing title of a page you use the move option on top.

  • Help:Tips will give you some tips about links to specific pages on wikipedia, or to Project Guttenberg or to use ticks in MCQ's

  • You can choose to watch certain pages

Just enter them on the watch list... you will be notified as and when any change on the page thru email if you have given ur email address.

  • You can have a discussion among contributors to this page.

Can also chat with specific people.

Using Templates

These can be used to help us prepare units using templates.

For example

Icon activity.jpg
Listing all plants in your college

will create a template for activity.


Icon define.gif
Define your key word here

will create a template for definition.