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Exercise 1.3 - Sample Answers

Types of Costs Fixed, Variable or Semi-Variable
Course Development (For any given course)
training workshop for course writers Fixed
payments for course writers Fixed
fees/salary for editor Fixed
salary/wages for typist Fixed
costs of pilot-testing materials Fixed
Materials Production
salary/wages/fees for DTP Fixed or Semi-Variable
payments for illustrations Fixed
payments for use of copyright material Fixed or Semi-Variable
costs of printing or photocopying Variable
Materials Distribution
storage of materials Semi-Variable
packing materials Variable
transporting materials Semi-Variable
communicating with those handing out materials to learners Semi-Variable
Admission & Registration
assessing applications from potential students Variable
entering registration forms on a computer database Variable
checking data entry for completeness and accuracy Semi-Variable
Allocation to Centres & Study Groups
rent or maintenance of study centre building Fixed or Semi-Variable
utilities (electricity, heating, water) for study centres Semi-Variable
payments to centre heads Fixed or Semi-Variable
provision of ICTs at study centres Fixed or Semi-Variable
informing students about when and which study centre to go to Variable
Tutorials & Study Groups
payments to tutors Semi-Variable
training of tutors Fixed or Semi-Variable
teaching materials (chalk, felt-tip markers, photocopies, etc.) Semi-Variable
fees/wages for marking assignments Variable
rental of examination hall Semi-Variable
payment for exam invigilators Semi-Variable
payment for exam marking Variable
checking that students have met all the requirements for a certificate to be awarded Variable
printing certificates & inscribing graduates' names Variable
graduation ceremony Semi-Variable
recruiting part-time tutors and issuing contracts to them Semi-Variable
issuing cheques or arranging for bank transfers to pay tutors Semi-Variable
maintaining the institution's computer network Fixed or Semi-Variable
insurance for the institution Fixed
salary of institution's director/chief executive officer Fixed
payments to institution's board of governors/advisors Fixed
costs of strategic planning workshops Fixed
costs of periodic evaluation of institution Fixed or Semi-Variable

This table is not comprehensive. There are many more examples of costs that you might have included in your list.

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