CCNC/CCNC Module 5/Retrieving data with queries/Basic Query Operations/Self Assessment

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Tutorial.png Basic Query Operations 

Retrieving Data | Using Query Filters | Sorting Data | Using the Query Wizard | Self Assessment | Summary & FAQs

Self Assessment

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Upon completion of this self assessment the learner will:
  • Search for information based on a query parameter
  • Use filters to find select information from a table or form
  • Sort information using a variety of methods
  • Apply sorting to a query
  • Remove filtering and sorts from tables
  • Use the query wizard to build a query

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Portfolio Activity

Open a database table and perform the following activities; Search for Data

  1. Open the Find dialog and execute a search

Using a Filter

  1. Highlight a single cell of the available data
  2. Press the AutoFilter to reduce the available data to the value of the filter
  3. Turn the filter off

Using the query wizard

  1. From the Query Tasks run the wizard.
  2. Select a single table and use some of the available fields
  3. Set the queries sort order and apply conditions
  4. Save and Open the query
  5. Using the wizard build another query