CCNC/CCNC Module 4/Working with and in cells/Deleting rows and columns

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Selection in a worksheet | Inserting within a worksheet | Deleting rows and columns in a worksheet | Modifying column widths and row heights | Entering data in cells | Making changes to the contents of cells | Shifting cells | Using the Search and Replace Command | Sorting data | Show Me Xine.png | Summary & FAQs

Deleting rows and columns in a worksheet

The command that you will be using to perform this task is accessed through the Menu Bar. You click on Edit and then on Delete Cells, which brings up the Delete Cells dialogue. In that dialogue, it is the last 2 commands that you are interested in to perform these operations. You may find it interesting that even though the dialogue box is named Delete Cells, there is no command within it for actually deleting a cell or cells. We will return to that later.

  • Select the rows or columns to be deleted. These may or may not be adjacent
  • Edit->Delete Cells

This will bring up the Delete Cells dialogue


  • Click on the Delete entire row(s) or Delete entire column(s) radio button as appropriate.
  • Click OK.