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Error values when using formulas

If you enter a formula and Calc is not able to interpret it, it will display an error in the cell. The main errors that you will come across are shown below.

Error message Cause of error
#NAME An identifier could not be evaluated. This usually means that the reference to a cell or row or column was invalid. This is also known as error 525
#VALUE Calc was unable to evaluate one of the cell references in the formula as a number. This error usually occurs when one of the cells referenced in a formula contains text rather than a number. This is also known as error 519.
#REF This indicates that the formula contains a reference to a cell, row or column that was deleted. It is also known as error 524.
Invalid floating

point operation

A formula contains division by zero. A common misunderstanding is that because multiplication by zero results in zero, so does division by zero. Division by zero is however impossible. This is also known as error 503.