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Inserting within a worksheet

This is one of the most common operations that follow selection. Typically you may wish to insert additional rows or columns in order to include other categories of data. We use the Menu Bar to execute this command.

Now do it

Insert a single row

Suppose we have the file Demog.sxc displayed


We now wish to insert a single row between the current Row 7 and the current Row 8, that is below Row 7 and above Row 8. The label of the current Row 7 is % Urban and that for the current Row 8 is Economically active. We will give the inserted row the label % High School Education

  • Position the cursor anywhere in Row 8
  • Insert->Rows
  • Click on the new A8 and type the text % High School Education
Icon present.gif
Tip: Note that the former Row 8 is now Row 9. Note too that insertion is always done above and not below an existing row. What do you think would have happened if you had positioned the cursor in the former Row 7?

Insert several rows

Suppose you wished to insert three rows between Rows 7 and 8

  • Select Rows 8 to 10.
  • Insert->Rows

Three new rows will appear.

  • Click on each of the three new Rows 8 to 10 and type the text of the new labels.

Note that the former Rows 8 to 10 have shifted downwards to become Rows 11 to 13.

Insert one or more columns

To insert a single new column, you select the column to the right of the location where the new column is to be inserted. To insert several new columns, select an equal number of columns to the right. Existing column(s) on the right will be shifted further right.

  • Select column(s)right of the location where the new column(s) is/are to be inserted
  • Insert>Columns