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Handling Worksheets

Recall that the worksheet is the single page in a spreadsheet and that by default, a spreadsheet consists of three worksheets. In this section, we will perform some basic tasks with worksheets.

(Comment.gif: In the ICDL materials, Handling Worksheets was included as Chapter 3. I have decided to bring it here (a) because it was very short and (b) because its contents fit into this section.)

Rename a worksheet

The default names of worksheets are Sheet1, Sheet2, Sheet3 and so on, if the user adds more. You may change the name of a worksheet as follows:

Right click on the tab of the worksheet you wish to rename.

  • Select Rename in the menu that appears
  • Enter the new name in the dialogue
  • Click OK
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Tip: Note that you are clicking on the right side of the mouse for this task and not the left as you normally do. By this time you should realize that, by default commands involving clicking of the mouse are for the left side, except the command specifically states that you are to right click.

(Comment.gif: I omitted the term 'contextual' from 'contextual menu'. Did not think it was important.)

Switch between worksheets

To switch between the different worksheets, you would click on the tab of the worksheet you wish displayed.

Insert a new worksheet

  • Click on the tab next to the location where you wish to insert the new worksheet.
  • Click Insert then Sheet. This displays the Insert worksheet dialogue

(Comment.gif: The format for writing a command Insert->Sheet was originally explained in Chapter 2. It must be brought forward to Section 1, so that it can be used from this section.)


  • Choose the Position before or after the selected sheet.
  • Choose the No. of Sheets you wish to insert. If you choose only one sheet, you have the option to enter the name of that sheet in the Name Window.
  • Click OK

Duplicate a worksheet

You may duplicate a worksheet either within the same spreadsheet or between spreadsheets. The other spreadsheet may be one that is already open or a new one to be created. In all cases, you will use the Copy command to carry out this task.

Duplicate within a spreadsheet

  • Select the worksheet you wish to duplicate.
  • Edit->Copy/Move worksheet (Number/Name).


  • Tick the Copy checkbox
  • Select the position for the duplicate in the Insert before window.
  • Click OK
  • Rename the duplicate worksheet if you wish.

Duplicate between spreadsheets

  • Select the worksheet you wish to duplicate.
  • Edit->Copy/Move worksheet (Number, Name).
  • Select the name of the spreadsheet in which you wish to duplicate the worksheet and select the position in this spreadsheet.


  • Select New document in the To document window if you wish to create a new spreadsheet for the duplicate worksheet.


  • Tick the Copy check box
  • Click OK

Move a worksheet within a spreadsheet or between spreadsheets

The process of moving a worksheet within a spreadsheet or between spreadsheets is virtually the same as duplicatiing a worksheet, except that you do NOT tick the Copy checkbox in the Move/Copy Sheet dialogue. Rather you click MOVE.

Delete a worksheet

  • Right click on the tab of the worksheet you wish to delete.
  • Select Delete in the menu that appears. A dialogue will appear asking you to confirm that you wish to permanently delete the worksheet and its contents.
  • Click Yes to confirm that you wish to delete the worksheet or Cancel if you do not wish to.