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Using available Help Functions

From time to time, you may find yourself in a situation needing to perform some task but not knowing or not remembering how to do it. The Help Function in Calc provides a quick and accessible route for solving that problem.

Now do it

  • Click on Help, then Contents
  • Double click on the book icon next to Help about Open Calc. This lists the main headings in help for Calc. Sections with a book icon contain further subdivisions.


  • Double click on Shortcut Keys in
  • Click on the Index tab
  • Type some text such as 'sum' into the Search item window. The index automatically scrolls down to the index items beginning with the letter 's' with the first item of that list being 'sum'. Those items are displayed in the left hand pane.
  • Double click on 'sum' or click the Display button. Explanation about that item is displayed in the right hand pane.


There are times when you will want to do a deeper search. You are not only interested in finding out more about a single item like 'sum', but also about all the situations in which that function may be involved. To do that you follow the following procedure:

  • Click on the Find Tab
  • Type a key word or part of it into the Search item window, for example 'sum'.
  • Click the Display button. A list of items in the index that make reference to the word 'sum' appears.


  • Once again, you could highlight the item you wish to read and click the Display button.

Note the Bookmarks tab that appears under the Search item window. You can create your own reference list of Help items using this function. These named references are called bookmarks.

(Comment.gif: The original materials refer to 2 check boxes under the Search item window but only specifically mentions Bookmarks. I omitted the reference to the 2. This will need to be checked.)