CCNC/CCNC Module 4/Preparing the spreadsheet for distribution/Setting up the worksheet

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Setting up the worksheet

This entails the following tasks:

Change worksheet margins

Margins refer to the blank areas at the top, bottom, left and right of the printed page. The sizes of these margins are set as follows:

  • Open the document (completed worksheet) whose margins are to be set.
  • Format->Page.
  • Click the Page tab.


Here we are only concerned with the Margins area of this dialogue.

  • Adjust the margins by typing in the desired measurements into the Left, Right, Top and Bottom windows. Alternatively, clicking on the increase and decrease arrows at the side of the windows allows you to change the settings in increments or decrements of 0.1 cm.
  • Click OK when you have completed the changes.
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Tip: The settings that you apply in this way will only apply to the current page style. If you have used different page styles in a document, you will need to set each of these independently.

Change worksheet orientation and paper size

Pages of spreadsheets and other documents can be printed either across the short side of the page (as in the case of this document) or across the long side of the paper. The former is called portrait and the latter landscape.

Landscape orientation is particularly important in the case of spreadsheets as our data often covers many columns.

Generally, we work with A4 size paper. There are, however, many other standard paper sizes. Further, you may, from time to time, come across non-standard sizes.

To change the worksheet orientation and paper size of the current spreadsheet:

  • Format->Page.
  • Click the Page tab.

This displays the same dialogue as in the previous sub-section.

  • Select portrait or landscape by clicking the appropriate radio button in the Paper format area.
  • If you are using a standard paper size, click the Format drop down box to select the desired paper size. If you are using a non-standard paper size, adjust the Width and Height entries in the Paper format area.

Adjust page setup to fit worksheet contents

It may be that in creating a spreadsheet we have not been careful is setting our columns widths so that a spreadsheet can fit on a single page. In such a case, Calc can adjust the column widths so that the spreadsheet will fit on a single page.

  • Select the pages that need to be adjusted.
  • Format->Page.
  • Click the Sheet tab.
  • Click the Fit printout on number of pages radio button
  • Adjust the number of pages to 1.
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Tip: If you used a different value, Calc would spread the output across this number of pages. For example, if you entered the value 2, the output would be spread across two pages.


  • Click OK.