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Preparing to print

Following are some actions you will carry out before you actually print your spreadsheet.

Preview a worksheet

Calc allows us to see what the printed spreadsheet will look like without actually printing it. To use this facility:

  • File->Page preview.

This will display a full page as it would appear on the printed page.

The Page view object bar contains a number of icons that are relevant to working with the preview. The functions of these icons is explained in the following table:

Previous page Last page

Next page Zoom in (enlarge)

First page Zoom out (make smaller)

The Page format button will take you directly to the page format dialogue. You can make your changes and see the effect immediately.

The Close preview button takes you back to normal mode.

Icon present.gif
Tip: You cannot edit a spreadsheet while in page preview mode.

Turn on/off display of gridlines, row and column headings

Unless you specify otherwise, gridlines and row and column headings are printed when you print a spreadsheet.

To specify whether you wish these printed or not:

  • Format->Page.
  • Click the Sheet tab.


  • Uncheck the column and row headers check box if you do not wish row and column headers to be printed.
  • Uncheck the grid check box if you do not wish gridlines to be printed.
  • Click OK.

Apply automatic title row(s) printing

In the case of very large spreadsheets, you may wish to have certain rows or columns printed on each page of a worksheet. This would happen, for example, when certain rows or columns contain titles.

To achieve this:

  • Format->Print ranges->Edit.

This will display the Edit print ranges dialogue

  • Enter the rows and or columns you wish to repeat as shown in the screen below.


An alternative method is to click in the window indicating the range or click on the shrink icon at the right of the window and select the range of rows or columns by dragging the mouse over them.

  • See the Print range in a similar way to indicate the range for which the rows and or columns must be repeated.