CCNC/CCNC Module 4/Preparing the spreadsheet for distribution/Making other adjustments to the worksheet

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Making other adjustments to the worksheet

Such adjustments include paying attention to headers and footers and inserting fields.

Add headers and footers

Headers and footers are text and information such as file names and page numbering that are inserted at the top and bottom of each printed page.

  • Edit->Headers and footers

This brings up the Headers / Footers dialogue.

  • Click on the Headers tab.

The header is divided into three sections: Left, centre and right.

  • Enter the appropriate text in each of the sections of the header.


  • If you wish to format the text, click the text attributes icon:

This will display the text attributes dialogue which will allow you to change the font type and size as well as other attributes such as colour.

  • Click the Footer tab.

The footer can be created in exactly the same way as the header.

  • Click OK when done.

Edit headers and footers

If headers and footers have already been defined, Edit->Headers and footers will show the current entries. These can be edited in the usual way.

Insert fields

To the right of the text attributes icon in the Headers / Footers dialogue are a number of other icons. These include page numbering information, date, time, file name, worksheet name into headers and footers. Pressing any of these will insert the relevant information.

The meaning of these icons is shown in the following table:

File name Number of pages in worksheet

Sheet name Date

Current page number Time