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Working with and In Cells

Section Overview

Welcome to Section # <Title>. Insert friendly broad description of the section, including what the user will know and be able to do after studying this section

Design Issue (not text)

I am assuming that 'section' is the same as 'chapter'. I dont think there is any need to have another 'welcome' at this level, since this would already have been done at the module level. I see the Section Overview having 2 parts. The first part will outline the Outcomes of the section (as stated above. The second part will provide explanations of main features/tools, on which later tasks (in subsections) focus. Link to be made between key term here and term used in heading of sub-section. Links should also be created between any other subsidiary and/or related term, explained here, and its use in the sub-section.

<Tutorial # - Sub-section CCNC template <Sub-section Title as a link>

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In this tutorial we will:
  • Text here
  • Text here
  • Text here

Design issue (not text)

As suggested above, this area will focus on tasks only. So headings should be 'activity-oriented'. Each tutorial should specify task at the broadest level, for example 'cell referencing' in Chapter 4 of Module 4. Outcomes listed will refer to subsidiary tasks that follow. So there should probably be a lower level heading for the 'task'. Careful task analysis needed.

<Tutorial # - Sub-section Title as a link>

{{Outcomes|TopMargin=10px|In this tutorial we will:

  • Text here