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The World Wide Web or WWW is a part of the Internet. The WWW consists of all the sites that can be accessed using a web browser such as Mozilla, Netscape, Internet Explorer or Opera. In order for a browser to access a web site, the web site must contain files that have a particular format constructed using HyperText Markup Language or HTML. These sites are developed using special web development applications. It is possible to create simple web sites using a word processor by saving the document in HTML format.

The HTML documents are stored as web pages on special servers known as web servers. These run special web server software such as Apache Web Server or Internet Information Services.

The WWW enables the free flow of information across the world. Developments in technology have made access easier and faster. As a result the WWW also became known as the Information Superhighway.

Most of the activities listed under the Internet in the previous section are now actually carried out using the Internet. In other words, the sites are created in HTML, or a similar format, are installed on web servers and are accessed by web browsers.