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The following table lists some types of application software, brand names and function.

Application Brand names Function
Word processor Writer

StarWriter, KWord

Microsoft Word

Lotus Ami Pro

Corel WordPerfect

Create, store, format and edit documents, letters and articles. Word processors are used where the emphasis is on manipulation of text.
Spreadsheet Calc

StarCalc, KSpread

Microsoft Excel

Quattro Pro

Lotus 123

Create financial statements, balance sheets, perform statistical and numerical analysis of data, make forecasts based on numeric data. Spreadsheets are used where the emphasis is on arithmetic.
Presentation Impress



Microsoft PowerPoint

Create slide shows, lectures, seminars and other types of presentation.
Database Sybase, MySQL

Microsoft Access

Store and convert data into information. Databases are particularly useful in working with large quantities of data.
Email client Evolution, KMail

Microsoft Outlook

Send, receive, store and organise electronic mail.
Web browser Mozilla, Netscape

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Surf the Internet and view web sites.
Desktop publishing DTP Microsoft Publisher

Page Maker

DTP is similar to word processing except that there is more emphasis on page layout and the integration of diagrams.
Accounting GnuCash

Pastel Accounting

Store accounting information and produce reports, statements and invoices.
Web development Dreamweaver

Microsoft FrontPage

Create web sites that can be read by a browser.
Graphics and imaging The GIMP

Adobe Photoshop

Create and manipulate graphics images and store images in a variety of formats.