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To Wikify Content...

(adapted from:

I (Randy Fisher) do it in the following way:

  1. Opened the file in Google Docs
  2. Used Google Docs function "Download As" - to save a version in Open Office V2.4 and avove
  3. Clicked on the new doc (*.ods) to open the document in Open Office (you can download this free program at
  4. Went to File Menu--> Export --> Mediawiki, to open the document in Mediawiki format (the OO program creates the file in the background, while the original OO program is open)
  5. Saved this file to a directory
  6. Went to my directory (where I originally saved the files to retrieve the *.txt (mediawiki format document
  7. Created a page on the wiki where I wanted to place the file contents (i.e., I usually put it under the name of the NGO / organisation that contributed the material (easier to find :-), and ....
  8. Voila! The content is in WikiEducator - and available to others - who may wish to polish up the layout a bit.