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CCCOER Transition

CCCOER phases - living document

(Comment.gif: The first discussion of this topic was at the October 11, Weekly Meeting of the Governing Board )

Criteria for moving into the next phase:

  • Transitions have occurred; see Column 3 of the table below.
  • All the requirements that Hewlett needs (bylaws, dues, sponsorship opportunities, branded merchandise). We have met all of these but branded merchandise and we can get that waived.
  • An Interim Treasurer has been found. DONE --- Angela Secrest is the Interim Treasurer.
  • Members have been notified of the new agreement.
  • At least some colleges have signed the new agreement.
  • Thirty people are actively participating (in addition to staff)
  • An Interim Executive Director has been found. -- DONE October 29th. Liza volunteered and the Governing Board voted 9-0 to accept her offer.

In addition we agreed on one criterion for moving into the third phase, complete independence: the Governing Board would meet with FHDA Community College District. At the time (Oct 11) this meeting was to request that FHDA CCD continue to be the legal/financial agent. Since then we have agreed that we will not make that request. However, a meeting is still apparently wanted and it would certainly be appropriate to thank FHDA for incubating CCCOER.

Characteristic Current Phase Transition Activities

Next Phase
Target Date: March 1, 2011

Fiscal & Legal Agent FHDA Develop and approve an agreement with the new Fiscal and legal agent New fiscal and legal agent
Financial Authority

Judy Baker
Administrative Director

Jacky Hood, Director

Both Jacky and Judy sign current member agreements on behalf of FHDA

Angela plans to work with Judy on the transition

Jacky and Judy will rescind the current agreeemnts
 on behalf of FHDA

Person at New fiscal and
Legal agent plus
Angela, Treasurer

John, Secretary

Staff Person 1
Liza Loop, interim Executive Director

Liza Loop, interim Executive Director

Executive Director to be hired
Staff Person 2 Randy, Project Manager Needs to happen
end of December
Staff person to be hired
Staff Person 3 Monica Sain To be determined (if any)
Other Staff People Judy Baker To be determined (if any)
Self-Sustaining Plans Liza, Governing Board Liza, Governing Board Ongoing strategic planning
Membership Agreements Current FHDA-Member agreements Start using new agreements as soon as
there is a way to pay dues (checking account)
New agreements
Communications Randy Randy and Joanne are working together on this. Communications Chair
Joanne Munroe
Participation Randy - general participation
Monica 4Q meeting; Sharyn 1Q meeting
Governing Board agreed that Sharyn should
continue with 1Q meeting;
James/John 2Q meeting (maybe);
General participation: Joanne and John
Communications Director; Membership Director
Growth Randy Needs to happen by end
of December when Randy leaves
Angela, Treasurer & John, Secretary
Membership Database & Greeting Monica John plans to work with Monica on a plan John, Secretary
Seeking More Funding Financial Development Committee Financial Development Committee Financial Development Committee
Formal welcome Linda Thor, FHDA Chancellor Liza is willing to send the formal letters; Monica needs to
explain the process to Liza; share the word docs, etc.
President or Executive Director
Branding and other marcom Sharyn is doing only minimum collateral until CCCOER creates a branding strategy To be determined Publicity Committee