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July 12 Steering Committee on CC Confer


Joined on July 12, 2010 at 11:08 AM

Monica Sain: Greetings, all

Tom Caswell (OCWC): Hello, all. Tom Caswell here from OCW Consortium...

Tom Caswell (OCWC): I think Mary Lou Forward was also planning on joining us.

Moderator (Liza): It's 11:30 Shall we get started?...

Mary Lou 1: I'm here

John Makevich: yes

Una: Yes, I can see the agenda

Barbara: i'm on

Cable Green to JackyHood 1, Liza: sorry to be late

Moderator (JackyHood 1) to Cable Green: Cable, thanks for changing your schedule.

Una: Una Daly, Associate Director College Open Textbooks

Monica Sain: Oops, I almost forgot to introduce myself: Monica Sain, Web/admin/editor/reimbursements person. ;-) (for College Open Textbooks, that is)

Jean: I can hear! Dean, Virtual Campus, AACC..Good to be part of this! via mic!

Mary Lou 1: Hi, Mary Lou Forward, Executive Director OCW Consortium having trouble with phone connection

Moderator (JackyHood 1) to JamesGG: Monica's email is

Moderator (JackyHood 1) to JamesGG: The others are and

Cable Green: Cable Green, Director of Open Education & eLearning @ SBCTC - lead on our Open Course Library project (designing and openly licensing our 81 highest enrolled courses) NING: We also just passed a new open licensing policy for our system:

Una: Associate Director College Open Textbooks.I am focusing on Accessibility and Adoptions of Open Textbooks.

Tom Caswell (OCWC): Tom Caswell, Strategic Outreach Manager for OpenCourseWare Consortium -- I am hoping to help CCCOER with 501(c)3 options and other help from OCWC as wanted/needed.

Moderator (Liza): Any technical problems?

Una: Cable, that was a very interesting licensing agreement -- did you get any push back about intellectual property, etc.?...

Cable Green: sure...

John Makevich: Yes...will be finalizing edits this week.

Barbara: srry that I need to sign out now. I'll catch up on the notes. Ciao!...

Cable Green: My two cents... if CCCOER coud be a sub-group or a Community & Technical College focus within OCWC... I think that would be a very positive outcome.

Tom Caswell (OCWC): Yes, I believe that is the best way to do it within OCWC

JamesGG: Great offer...better to get the legal status settled now rather than to scramble when we really need it.

Jo, TCC: I agree with Cable on this.

Tom Caswell (OCWC): so as not to lose focus...

Mary Lou 1: to join, its as easy as filling out applicaiton as an affiliate consoritium

Cable Green: I have to run to a meeting ... will watch e-mail (& google groups) for updates - please call me anytime as needed. Thanks!

Mary Lou 1: once the applicaiton is submitted, the approval process takes about 2 weeks ... then all of your members can join as either institutional members or affilated institutional members, the key difference being the number of votes

JamesGG: Would OCW expect a % of current or future grant funding?

Mary Lou 1: can be CCCOER - all members will then be featured on our site, too with links to any OER/OCW projects - no minimum for OCW production for affiliates

(Discussion of timing for next week's meeting) JamesGG: this time works fine OK for Tom, Marie, Monica, Jo

Susie: For those of us on Eastern time zone, please conclude no later than 2 p.m. Thanks!

Discussion of James' Thursday meeting -

Ron: I ddin't read my email until just now and missed the notice on the start time of this meeting. I am sorry.

Moderator (JackyHood 1): Ron, the message posted to the steering committee about this meeting did not go out correctly last week. Sorry for the last minute notice.

Discussion of how to access formation doc on Google Docs...

Tom Caswell (OCWC): here's the Google Doc with the formation draft Liza is talking about:

Moderator (JackyHood 1):

Susie: Google groups works, but I can't get in to this particular group. It may be that I also have a google email address, too. Susie "You cannot view the group's content or participate in the group because you are not currently a member. Members must be approved before joining.

Your subscription to this group is still pending.

Try again later or contact the owner."

Jo, TCC: I have another meeting. Thank you. Talk with you next Monday...

Monica Sain: This has been a wonderfully informative meeting! Lots of great ideas

Tom Caswell (OCWC): Liza, you're doing great! Lots of things to organize, but we'll get there :-)

Monica Sain: I agree with Tom! :-)

Tom Caswell (OCWC): Once the Google Doc is made public we'll all be able to share it and comment easily And if anyone uninvited tries to change things we can always undo it (like a wiki)

John Makevich: Gotta run...bye all!

Moderator (JackyHood 1): Lodestar prize

Susie: Marie: John: Tom: Thanks!

Tom Caswell (OCWC):


File:CCCOER Meeting July 12 whiteboard.pdf