Marketing Planning Document for December Quarterly Meeting

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CCCOER Meeting PlanningInfo – December 9, 2010

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We need specific information to create and populate the Google Form. The template below is a good guide to making sure we all know what is needed and who should supply it.

Information Needed: Details: Lead:

Date Thursday, December 9, 2010
  • Name of venue
  • Name of meeting room
  • Address
  • Contact on site
  • Link to map/directions

Evergreen Community College

3095 Yerba Buena Rd.

San Jose, CA 95135

(408) 274-7900

**Maps and Directions:

Campus Map:

Missing Meeting Room Info
Special Info for location (i.e. Parking, etc) Free parking onsite in designated areas – see campus map

  • Overall Theme
  • Speaker/content
  • Suggested times
  • Master of Ceremonies
  • Note: All times are Pacific Time

Randy Fisher, Master of Ceremonies
  • 11:30am: Welcome by host college
  • 11:45am: Introductions
  • 12:00pm: Best practices at colleges
    • Sandy Cook -- Kentucky Community and Technical Colleges
    • Houston (Laura & Angela) 

We need ONE of the following:

  • Folsom - Zack & Greg - Una can possibly contact if other possible presenters cannot present.
  • NJ - Ken Ronkowitz -Randy will contact if the other possible presenters cannot present.
  • WA State (Librarian from P2PU class); faculty member who is actually doing / building stuff) Need a volunteer to recruit these people. - Jackie Cain, Developmental Education on Washington grant. - Angela will contact.

12:45pm: Geoff Cain, presenter, survey results 1:00pm: Randy Fisher (facilitator) Brainstorming about survey results -- This may be one brainstorming session on CCCOER if everyone in the live session has a computer or one in-room and one online session – Confirm how it will be done1:30pm: Break1:40pm: Clare Middleton-Detzner, from ISKME, open textbook research - Confirmed2:30pm: Adjourn

Action: Geoff needs to confirm who is doing welcome – not critical to doing invitation but nice to have

UNA – Any closure on the speakers

FYI to Team: Angela and Sharyn will monitor CCCConfer Chat and Participants

Randy, please confirm how this will be done – not critical for initial invitation

Form data needed for registration: All Fill in blanks for Form





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