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Although the Bylaws do specify that we will have an Elections Chair, they don't say what that person must do.

Eventually this page will contain a description of the roles and responsibilities of CCCOERs Elections Chair person. For now, please, add your thoughts on what you think the Elections Chair person ought to do. When we decide we have an adequate description we can do a formal edit and consider this page part of CCCOERs official operating procedures. (To edit you need to have created a wikiEducator account and log into it. Then click on either the edit tab at the top of the page or the edit button along the right edge.)

The 2010 Steering Committee suggested that the Elections Chair:

  • Co-shairs the Elections Committee with the Secretary
  • Shall convene committee a the quarterly meeting prior to election?
  • Shall call for nominations via email and website
  • Committee shall verify eligibility of nominees
  • Committee shall create and distribute the ballot
  • Committee shall count the ballots
  • Still thinking...