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Open Ed 2010, Barcelona, Spain (Nov. 2-4, 2010)

  • Tom Caswell will be attending and giving three presentations. He has spent $1500 on travel and is looking for a creative way to get reimbursed. :)


Short Video Interviews About CCCOER

Create a series of several short, informal video interviews discussing CCCOER with key individuals (Phillip Schmidt, David Wiley, Mary Lou Forward, etc.)

  • Opportunity 1: Network with the major global OER players and talk to them about CCCOER.
  • Opportunity 2: Review videos with CCCOER board and possibly share best clips on YouTube (and other channels) to spread the word about CCCOER; ensure re-use in other CCCOER communications, outreach, advocacy, etc.
  • Leverage in all CCCOER communications channels
  • Share learning in upcoming CCCOER program(s), or report-out to Governing Board, and CCCOER membership
  • Identify possible members, joint-venture partners and/or projects

Distribute CCCOER "Swag"

  • This idea assumes we are ready to share our web page with others

Future Conferences / Oppportunities

  • Open CourseWare Consortium Conference in Boston, Spring 2011
  • Tom has been invited to lead a discussion on OER accessibility and is again looking for a way to cover travel :)