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A joint effort by the OER Center for California, Foothill-De Anza Community College District, the League for Innovation in the Community College and 200+ community colleges and university partners to develop and use OERs and Open Textbooks in community college courses. CCCOER is in the process of reinventing itself as an independent, self-sustaining organization. Click here to get involved.

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About Judy Baker: one of the CCCOER Founders

Judy Baker was one of the CCCOER founders and was the second Director. Judy is the CCCOER Supervising Administrator. She wrote the grant proposal to The Hewlett Foundation that funds the College Open Textbook Collaborative. She is the director of the OER Center for California (http://grou.ps/oercenter She also has developed and maintains the OER Consortium site - http://oerconsortium.org.

Others founders include Barbara Illowsky, the first Director, as well as Martha Kanter, Hal Plotkin, Jean Runyon, and others.