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Country Action Plan - Tanzania

Proposed COL Activities for 2006-09


In 2006-09 the major focus of COL’s assistance to Tanzania will be the development of open schooling in support of the Secondary Education Development Plan (SEDP). This work will include advocacy, curriculum development and capacity building, carried out in association with the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training and the Institute for Adult Education. COL will also assist Tanzanian institutions such as the Open University of Tanzania, the Tanzanian Universities Commission and other universities and colleges in the areas of teacher education, eLearning, and administrative staff development.

During this period COL expects to see notable progress in the development and use of media materials produced by the Health Media Unit that it has helped to establish in the Christian Social Services Commission. COL plans to initiate new activities in the area of Learning and Livelihoods and to explore how COL’s Lifelong Learning for Farmers programme might contribute to the Agricultural Sector Development Strategy within MKUKUTA

1. Provision of Education Through Open and Distance Learning in Tanzania, Minister of Education and Vocational Training, Presentation to COL, 12 May 2006
2. Briefing on the Institute of Education, Lambertha Mahai, Director; Presentation to COL, 11 May 2006
3. Letter from Vice-Chancellor, OUT to President, COL, 23 May 2006

Area of Activity in COL Logic Model


Quality Assurance

Development of quality assurance systems and related professional development of personnel at all educational levels with special emphasis on ODL and technology-mediated approaches. Advice on implementation of relevant guidelines.

1.1. Field trial of Commonwealth Quality Indicators for Teacher Education in a Tanzanian Teacher Training College. (Menon)
Report: Workshop arranged in August 2006. Report submitted in October 2006, available on Website at http://

1.2. Capacity Building in Quality Assurance at the Open University of Tanzania (OUT)3 (Clarke-Okah)

Teacher Development

Expanding teacher education through combinations of ODL and classroom-focussed training. Increasing opportunities and capacity for developing and delivering quality professional development of teachers and other education sector personnel.

2.1. Working with OUT on capacity building related to the TESSA project. (Menon)


2.2. Support in the Teacher Training programme through the ODEL Centre programme coordinated by AVU3. (Menon)


Alternative Schooling

Application of ODL and flexible learning to increase access to basic and secondary schooling, particularly for the marginalised and those whose access to education is restricted

3.1. Tanzania participation (IAE) in Open Schooling Consortium Meeting in Botswana, July 20061,2 (Phillips)

3.2. Holding of National Forum in Tanzania on developing Open Schooling in support of the Secondary Education Development Plan (SEDP)1,2 (Phillips)


3.3. Capacity building at IAE and OUT making use of the International Extension College certificate and diploma in ODL offered through Kyambogo University1,2 (Phillips)


3.4. Curriculum development, especially expansion of Science and Mathematics teaching using ODL materials1,2 (Phillips)


Higher Eduication

Developing/strengthening systems, models and materials for higher education through open universities and dual-mode operations.

4.1. Assistance in the professional development of OUT administrative staff3 and staff in the Tanzanian Commission for Universities. (Clarke-Okah)


4.2 Continue Tanzanian involvement in the COL/ACU training programme for Vice-Chancellors and senior administrators. (Clarke-Okah)



Increasing awareness, building capacity and developing content for eLearning in the education sector; facilitating the use of open educational resources.

5.1. Workshop on eLearning (including copyright issues) with the OUT and the University of Dar es Salaam3. (West)


Learning and Livelihoods

Learning Skills and Livelihoods

Identifying where livelihoods can be improved or expanded and creating learning opportunities to exploit them. Increasing access to basic literacy and occupational training for young people and illiterate and neo-literate adults. Developing technical and vocational education and training using ODL methods for low technology environments.

6.1 Facilitate a regional study to scan the livelihood needs of Tanzania that could be strengthened through ODL/ICT, followed by a review and analysis to identify/develop specific initiatives for implementation. (Mallet, Alluri)


Rural and Peri-Urban Community Development

Developing ODL and ICT- based teaching/learning models for sustained improvement of livelihoods in rural and peri-urban communities depending on the food and environment sectors.

7.1 Explore new approach to poverty reduction using community radio in the context of MKUKUTA and the Agricultural Sector Development Strategy (ASDS). (Alluri)


7.2. Create awareness of Lifelong Learning for Farmers programme and explore applicability to Tanzania – possibly with Christian Social Services Commission (CSSC) (Alluri and Balasubramanian)


National and International Community Development

Building ODL capacity among strategic national and international agricultural education, extension, research and policy-making bodies with mandates for education, training and research in the food, agriculture and vocational sectors.

8.1. Build on COL work with Agricultural Training Institute Ukiriguru, Mwanza in implementing Distance Education for Agricultural Education in Southern Africa: Agronomic management of cowpea and soybean in Southern and Eastern Africa (Alluri)


Pan Commonwealth Programmes

Sharing of existing, tested and proven ODL programmes and courses in various areas: Commonwealth Executive MBA and Master of Public Administration programmes; Management and ICTs for Women; Training Courses for Caregivers to Orphans and Vulnerable Children; course in Legislative Drafting; Toolkits for Gender Mainstreaming and Gender Equity; Diploma for TVET teachers; Postsecondary programmes in Environmental Education; Green Teacher Diploma.

10.1 Explore use of these Commonwealth ODL programmes in Tanzania at OUT, IAE or other institutions. (COL Team)


Human Environment

Health Welfare and Community Development

Equipping and training government services, NGOs and community groups to use video and audio technology for local production of educational materials related to health, welfare and community development.

12.1 Development of activities in Health Media Unit created in the CSSC in 2005. (Walker)


Educational Use of Mass Media and ICTs

Policy, strategy, capacity-building and models for the educational use of mass media and ICTs through broadcast, cable and satellite channels, community radio, village cinema, Telecentres, community media centres, ICT kiosks, Internet, etc.

15.1 Respond to request from IAE for advice on the procurement of facilities to enhance the ODL programmes implementation 1,2 (Phillips and COL Team)


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