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Brick factory (in Baisnagar)


To study the various aspects especially the negative aspects of the case & try to find some solution to those negative aspects.


  • The brick factory is working in Baisnagar for the past 6-7 years.
  • It is a private factory.
  • The factory is planted over a broad area near the BAIS River.
  • The factory is surrounded by farmlands.
  • Nearly 50 labourers are working in the factory.
  • The bricks are transported by tractors which travel through the village.
  • Work in the factory continues in night also.


  • The owners of the factory are Mr. SHAKIR BHAI & Mr. BILLI CHI. Both of them do not belong to the village.
  • There is no person from the village i.e. Baisnagar© working in the factory.
  • As the factory is surrounded by farmlands, there is no outer path i.e. path which does not interfere with the village & goes from the external area of the village, for transport .Thcrefore, the tractors have to pass through the village.
  • A major fact about the factory is that the factory has been planted illegally. The land where it is working was originally allotted by the government to the watchman of the village—Shri PRABHU DAYAL, who lives in Dholkher. The land was allotted for agriculture.
  • A petition was filed in the Tehsil regarding this illegal establishment one year before. But no action was taken.


The only positive aspect of this case is that the factory provides employment to many workers.


  • The factory has been established on the land allotted by the government for agriculture.
  • As the factory works in the night also, it causes noise pollution.
  • The workers usually drink at night and create unnecessary noise.
  • As the transportation is done through the village, pits have grown on the paths which are always filled with water coming from the hand-pump.
  • The villagers have tried to cover up the pits but due to regular transport they are again created.
  • Especially in the rainy season the pits are always filled with water due to which malaria has become a common disease in rainy season.
  • Due to the slope rain water flows down to the river. As a result the river water level increases & there is danger of flood.


  • The case should be taken official.
  • An outer path must be developed for the transport of bricks.
  • Roads should be created in order to cover up the pits.
  • The rain water from the slope can be collected in a tank & can be further used for irrigation.