By Kirti Ingale

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There are different fields in which students can work and serve the society. They must fight against the ugly, the narrow and the conventional thinking.

Students should have genuine desire to work for the common good of the community, to develop the spirit of humanity. More over, they will prove to be the real nation builders. They must against corruptions and misappropriation. Education aims at producing good citizens.


To know real and actual conditions of girl’s education in village in today’s age. As we came across the problems of girls education after interacting with girls of Sonpura village.


Unexpected conditions of girls education has been observed by us during our study, in which we hardly found any girl who is educated above 8th class. For this their parents feel very proud that their daughters have been living within four walls of their house and the girls have forgotten about their powers, their fundamental rights and their importance. They are living like slaves.

Girls are forced to undergo early marriage. When the studies has been done on girls education we found that girls refuse to oppose this system and according to them they are happy with their life and there is no need to fight for this because their mind has been set according to the backward thinking of the society. And if at all some of the families want to educate their girls then they can educate them up to 8th class only because the reason behind it is that there are no schools in the village which provide further education facilities. And no family allows their girls out of village for their further studies because society does not allow them to do so and society will point towards them and this will be a trouble for their marriage in the future life. Even when we asked about martial status they said that they have to marry at the age of 14 to 15 years and this also plays an important role in not getting their education during their childhood.

From this study we concluded that there are so many villagers which still living according to their old culture, from some place we come across such information that one boy of age 19 years who already married with 15 year old girl and she was pregnant and we asked him that if you have a daughter then what do you think about her studies? Then he replied that as far as my daughter is concern, I will fulfill her each and every desire. We asked the boy about his sister who is uneducated that time he answered that it is not in my hand, it is in my father’s hand.

Let’s discuss about the girl, to whom we asked about her education, Her opinion : I had a great desire to get educated but my father and mother both did not allow me to go to school because they think that if I go to school then I will become way war and I will forget my culture. I can’t do anything for my education. I can’t fight alone against this system and society.