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As we came across the problem of villagers of the malpractice of smoking and drinking habits, thus we thought of doing our case study on this malpractice of the villagers.

During our interaction with the villagers we met a person named TULSI RAM who was badly indulged in the malpractice of smoking and drinking. So we decided to study on Tulsi Ram.


To know the main reason of smoking and drinking habits of the villagers and trying to find out the probable solution of the problem.


Name Of The Person: Tulsi Ram

Age: 58 Years

Occupation: Employee in the Water Supply Department

Family Information:

No. of Members: 8 Members

No. of Male Members: 3 Members

No. of Female Members: 3 Members

No. of Children: 2 Members

The family of Tulsi Ram was a joint family; he had two sons, a daughter, and one daughter in — law, two grand children and his wife.


The monthly income of Tulsi Ram was insufficient to lead a joint family of 8 members. He had a small piece of land which was mainly used for the purpose of growing the seasonal vegetables.