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A Site Diary is a document of "first record"; a site diary is where a competent site supervisor initially records any occurrences on site.

Some items (example Variations) would then be further copied in to secondary doucments (example Variation register

Site diaries are also a place for supervisors to record contact details and other items specifically related to a given project for quick referencing.

It is essential that a Site Diary MUST be filled out DAILY and as incidences occur.

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Sample Documents

This page has been established to upload sample documents to provide teachers with useful teaching resources. Please note these samples are "generic" and will need to be altered to suit specific projects.

Key points

1. A Site Diary is admissible in court in case of site disputes as documentary evidence.

2. Work Cover will request to see the Site Diary in an accident investigation.

3. A Site Diary helps maintain and monitor hire equipment, it is "crucial" to record "off-hire numbers" to save further hire charges.

4. It can be used to record attendances to allow for invoicing and charge out rates for contractors.

5. All lines not used must be crossed out so that daily records are not altered after an event or a work day has ended.

6. A Site Diary is also known as a Construction Log, Site Journal, Company Log.

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