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Courses 103&207: Using Web 2.0 for Social Networking to Build Academic Communities

An ICEM Workshop; Higher Colleges of Technology - Abu Dhabi Women's College
October 4,5, 2009, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Sunday 9-12:30; repeated Monday 14:00-17:30
Dr. Marina McIsaac, Arizona State University, USA
Dr. Chih-Hsiung Tu, Northern Arizona University, USA



Education is entering a new world of rapid communication and instant access to information. The new tools that students are using outside the classroom are shaping how they communicate and how they learn. Web 2.0 tools and open education resources (OER) have changed the way people share and create knowledge. Social networking and collaborative work spaces allow teachers and students to work together to create dynamic learning environments. In this workshop we will explore social networking applications for building learning communities.

The goals of this workshop are for participants to work together to:

  • recognize new pedagogical models of social learning
  • demonstrate basic understanding of selected Web 2.0 tools
  • describe how they might use these tools in their teaching
  • explore igoogle, google reader, blog and twitter sites and explain their educational applications.

Bulding an Academic Community Using Social Networking Tools: IGoogle, Google Reader, Blogs, Twitter

  • Pedagogy: connectivism,
  • Connectivism Connectivism, a learning theory for the digital age, is driven by the understanding that knowledge is based on rapidly changing information. New information is continually being acquired and connected to previous knowledge.
  • Research: online learning, blended learning, mobile learning
  • igoogle as an educational tool
  • Google Reader for information gathering
  • Intro to Blogs and Reflections

  • Twitter, your information network

Integrating Social Networking into the Classroom

Group Sharing and Reflections

ICEM2009 Workshop Resources