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Web Browsers

Linux based computers ship with Firefox. The latest version is available at

Apple Mac based computers ship with Safari. The latest version is available at

Windows based computers ship with Microsoft Internet Explorer. The latest version is available at

Firefox ( works on all of the above computers, so may be your best bet.

Browser Plug-ins

In order to access the online content of many websites, your web browser needs the following 'helper applications' or plug-ins. Click on the appropriate link below and follow the instructions you will find there.

Allows you to view Flash animations and movies.

Allows you to view and print pdf documents

Allows you to run web programs written in the Java language

Allows you to hear and view mov audio and video files

NOTE: You should not have to pay for any of these plug-ins or browsers. Free versions of them all are available at the links above.

Other Software

Trial versions of Microsoft Office are available at

Open Office is a free alternative to the above. It's available for download at

Ubuntu, the free Linux operating system, is available for download at

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