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Bridget, in Kampala Uganda, during a Web 2.0 5 day Training Wekshop

Bridget Foromozo is a young Zimbabwean lady. She holds a Diploma in Professional Computing and Information Processing in 2004 (ICM , UK), ICDL Certified (Africa University 2004), Certificate in Internet and Web Design (Africa University 2004), CISCOCCNA level 1 (CISCO Academy 2007). Bridget is currently studying for a BSc in Information Technology Management (University of South Africa 2008-2010 UNISA) and CCNA level 2. Bridget has 4 years working experience in the Information and Communication Technology Department at Africa University in Mutare, Zimbabwe. Bridget is a member of Linuxchix Zimbabwe Chapter, which is affiliated to linuxchix Africa Linuxchix Africa Linuxchix advocates for use of Open Source Software and encourages more women to take up the challenging jobs in IT mostly done by men. Professional projects dome by Bridget are : Installation of a LAN (Local Area Network) at St Judes ( A Vaccine Research Program in Zimbabwe (2006), Installation of LAN (Local Area Network)at Africa University Information Technology Training Center in Mutare (2006) and set-up and successifully installed an automated Helpdesk system at Africa University (2008). Bridget is currently working on a project to set up, and host a Web Portal for Africa University.

Cell : 263-912612169 e-mail: Address : Africa University, P O Box 1320, Mutare, Zimbabwe