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DRAFT:Distance Education Study Guide

This page is created to brainstorm ideas for possible topics I could include in a study guide for distance learners.

Help me to brainstorm topics for a Study Guide

Brainstorm Section

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Case Study
A group of 20 students have joined an online course on Sustainable Tourism. This is the first time this target group will be studying at a distance. To prepare these learners to study in an online environment they will need a Study Guide. This guide should include content that would best help the target group to function in what is a new learning environment for them. Considering this case, use it to guide you in doing the Activity below

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Without repeating, list suitable topics for this Study Guide for distance learner. I have started the brain storming process by listing three possible topics for inclusion. Add at least one topic to the list:
  • The role of the distance learner
  • The role of the facilitator
  • Preparing to study at a distance
  • Creating the right learning environment
  • Possible problems encountered and remedies for the same