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Blueskin FM is the working title of a project to construct and maintain a small (500mW) FM transmitter at Warrington School. The station will:

  • relay the signal of a nearby community station, Puketapu Radio
  • have local programmes from time to time (possibly up to 100% of the time)

Progress timeline

  • October 2009: invited to apply for funding from Waikouaiti Coast Community Board
  • October 2009: Conditional approval from Warrington School, Blueskin News and Puketapu Radio
  • October 2009: Paperwork gathered for a funding application
  • October 2009: Project announced and public meeting to launch the station called for 2 November 2009, to be held at 7pm at Warrington School

Starter kit

The station will have

  • a transmitter
  • an aerial
  • a signal feed from Palmerston (filling in all the empty spaces between local programmes)
  • at least a year of hospitality from the School
  • news content from Blueskin News
  • an element of "open"-ness in software, content etc. (Nathan can expand on this later)

If you feel like starting a radio station, you are just a wee bit further ahead by getting involved in this one. If you don't want all/any of these things; for example to be based at this School, or running Puketapu's signal, then just start another station. We won't mind. This one isn't so far ahead that you would be missing much.

Why are you here?

  • I think this is a good idea
  • I want to get involved
  • I want to help run it

If enough people are here who think the same way, the station will go ahead.

So, we want to go ahead

we will need (we can come back to this in a little while):

  • to exist!
  • a Bureaucracy:
    • President, Secretary, Treasurer (these people need not have radio skills/knowledge, just qualities of leadership/accountability)
    • Station manager(s): 1-3 people
  • skills
    • entertainment
    • media (Blueskin News and more)
    • tech (Lawrence/Puketapu Radio and more)
  • establishment
    • The funding opportunity (Waikaouaiti Coast Community Board)
    • subs
    • regular meetings (boring!)
  • A name
    • and a logo (fun!)

And now....

(5 minutes then question and answer time)

  • Lawrence McCraw, Puketapu Radio
  • Nathan Parker, Warrington School
  • Trevor Norton, Oamaru Heritage Radio

then back up to "we will need"