Blueskin Bay FM/minutes/2010-06-07

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Minutes 6 July 2010 BBFM

Present: Jackie, Suzie, Peter, Brent, Mike, Nathan

  • Apologies: Justine, Louise
  • Nathan to check out insurance of BBFM Assets
  • $6 key
  • $10 Fees
  • Approx @28.25 $120.38 PPNZ $297.63 to pay Blueskin GS
  • Total $600, plus $208 to come in shortly
  • Charlie ooomphed up the power BBFM now at 1kw
  • Electrician to run strap (earth)
  • BBRM to pay Brent $ for outstanding $ on CD players
  • BBRM to be inscribed on all equipment
  • BBFM advert in BB news
  • Request from Warrington School for letter of support for playground development. Discussion re donation for school for development fundraising $50
  • Mike creating stereo big/stereo small jac for portable music players.
  • Back up power plan from Mike