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Blueskin Bay FM Meeting, 7pm, Tuesday 2 February 2010 at the Studio.

These Draft Minutes prepared by Louise and Peter


Brent, Nathan, Mike, Sandra, Louise, Peter

Apologies: Susie, Finley


The transmitter and aerial have been installed. Warrington School paid the balance of the Mixer, this needs to be reimbursed. Two new CD players have arrived. Aerial up. Letter to be sent to helpers who erected aerial.

Preparation for Launch

There was considerable discussion about what needs to happen before we can launch. It was felt that we should be well-prepared before officially launching our station:

  • Need to organise our Playlist with voice-overs between songs and sessions.
  • Use evenings for particular programmes.
  • Graeme Fyfe is gifting a turntable to play LPs.
  • Nathan has 'Audacity' program for making sound recordings.
    • We should all start putting programmes together.

It was agreed to be family friendly, 7am-4pm, Monday to Friday; Playlist to be completely "safe". Outside of these times there will be more variety.

It was felt that we need a disclaimer, like Blueskin News, given to each group who has a programme.

Volunteers agreement

This was looked at and no changes were made.


  • Peter Mike and Brent are available to train more station operators (using the mike and mixer).
  • Nathan acvailable to train people in making programmes using Audacity
  • Nathan available to train people in building playlists

Louise available to train 13-19 Feb. Sandra available next week.


We can not broadcast any licensed music unless we pay a licence fee. We need to fundraise to do this.

In the meantime:

  • Use downloaded free music (Nathan has downloaded 15 hours)
  • Ask local bands for permission, eg:
    • Del Girl
    • Peter's brother-in-law
    • Peter's University choir

Discussion as to whether we ever need a licence, why not always play free music. No agreement was reached on this matter.


Brent has several people or businesses interested in sponsorship.


We need a regular column in 'Blueskin News'. Sandra will write one and send it in.

Programming ideas

It was suggested that Blueskin Bay FM could:

  • run the existing Warrington School book club on-air
  • have an adult's book club
  • announce weather data from Warrinton's new Weather Styation
  • announce community events
  • Have a programme for Scott's Resilient Communities
  • cover the A&P Show on March 20. This could be our "launch" in the sense that many people will become aware of us on that occasion.


It was pointed out that it would be more efficient for the School to purchase equipment on Blueskin Bay FM's behalf, and get back the GST. Radio station then reimburses school.

It was resolved (moved Peter seconded Brent) to donate half the ownership in each item of equipment to Warrington School. (does not apply to equipment not yet owned by the station).

This half-owned equipment becomes covered by the School's insurance.

The Mixer is owned more-than-half by the School.

The member who is currently owner of the CDs (not yet reimbursed) should check his household insurance to see if these are covered.


It was agreed to issue station manager Peter with a key (President Brent and station manager Nathan already have one each). The remaining station manager Sandra felt that she did not need a key at this stage.


There was discussion about whether to proceed with broadcsating beyond Blueskin Bay using the Internet. It was felt that this could be put off at this stage but it might be a good idea in future. Warrington School has many pupils with family members overseas.

The meeting closed about 9.30pm.