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Blueskin FM Meeting

7.30pm, 6 December 2009, Warrington School

Present: Mike McAlevey, Nathan Parker, Sandra Muller, Brent Bell, Susie Newlands, Finley Horsefield and Louise Booth

Apologies: Peter Dowden

Matters arising:

  • Blueskin Bay FM regretfully accepts the resignation of our Secretary
  • Blueskin Bay FM appreciates the work of our resigning Secretary Rozi during her short time with us and wishes her well for the future
  • New secretary elected Louise Booth Nathan/Sandra
  • A letter to be sent to Rozi thanking her for her short time with us
  • Now have own PO Box 88 at Waitati
  • Bank account been opened with Kiwibank
  • Blueskin Radio frequency now 88.2
  • Brent investigating making Blueskin FM a charitable trust. A long involved process
  • Recommended that we stay with mono and maybe upgrade to stereo later. Mono will cover most of Blueskin Bay. At a later stage add repeaters on the hills above the shop and Doctors Point to increase coverage
  • Mike seen a building inspector and it is okay to have transmitter on Warrington School as long as it is less than 15 metre’s high
  • Charlie (Oamaru) suggested that an amplifier was not needed. All the equipment can be plugged into a mixer. It was agreed not to purchase an amplifier at this stage
  • Nathan suggested getting the radio station up and running before looking at extras such as linking into Radio Puketapu
  • Have official opening on a Saturday hopefully in March 2010
  • Need to allow a month for training the volunteers
  • Radio Dunedin kindly offering training. Contact Nathan if interested
  • Radio Toroa helping to install the software
  • Licensing payments to:
    • ARPA $250 + GST
    • Song writers $105 + GST
    • Agreed to pay these subscriptions which will allow us to play both licensed and open source music
  • Also need to provide ARPA with a 90 day list of songs to be played. (A little like a random audit)
  • Two CD players
    • Brent ordered 2 CD players from Bond and Bond at $219 each. Brent has offered to pay the difference if insufficient funds
  • Louise to organise sign for library, shop etc adverting $10 subscriptions to become a “Friend of Blueskin FM”
  • Need to think of other fundraising projects for Blueskin FM
  • Next meeting. TBA