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Technical details

How to set up a low powered FM Radio Station using Ubuntu software

  • Meeting the needs of the Ministry Of Economic Development standards
  • Using only Open and Free licences
  • For the cost of - less than $1500 (TBC)
  • Aerial
    • Details here
    • Cost
  • Transmitter
    • Details
    • Cost
  • Mixer desk
    • Details
    • Cost
  • Microphone
    • Stand multi position - recycled/handmade
    • Non- directional
    • Large mono jac
    • Cost
  • Computer
    • P4 1600Mhz 256MB Ram
    • Ubuntu 9.10
  • Web site - for Creative Commons licensed music

Jamendo Download>Desktop>Open Zip Folder>Extract to Music Folder 2GBs of unzipped music is about 24 hours in length

To comply with recording of all live shows

Applications>Sound & Video>Sound Recorder>Record>Stop Sound>File>Save 1 hour of recording is approximately 60MB, 10 hours = 600MB 100 hours=6GB 1000 hours=60GB 1500 hours=90GB

  • 100GB hard-drive will hold
  1. 5 days of music (10GB)
  2. 60 (24 hour) days of show recordings

For logging purposes it may be possible to reduce the sound quality and therefore store many more days. Also, if only voiced announcements need to be logged, (since any contentious song can be located and played back) then some sort of voice-activation on a studio mike could be used. This way many weeks of studio voice (only) could be logged.

Quote from Broadcasting Standards Authority Radio Code:

Audio Recording

Radio broadcasters acknowledge their obligation to retain, for 35 days after the date of broadcast, the audio of all open line and talkback programmes, news and current affairs coverage.

Note that this does not include music.

Playing music

Applications>Sound & Video>Rhythbox Music Player>Music>Import Folder