Black Knight's Fortress

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The atramentous knights are up to no good. You are assassin by the white knights to spy on them and bare their angry scheme.





Quest Requirements


Skill/Other Requirements

Must be able to survive attacks from akin 33 knights. 13 Quest Points.

Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by commutual this Quest

Recruitment Drive

King's Ransom

Items Needed at Quest Start

Bronze med helm, Iron chainbody, and Cabbage (Only use the ones abreast the Monastery).

Items Recommended for Quest

Food, Armor and a Weapon (if you accept a low action level).

Items Acquired During Quest


Quest Points



2500 runescape gold pieces.

Start Point

White Knight's castle, amid in the actual centermost of Falador city.

To Start

Log in your runescape accounts and allege to Sir Amik Varze on the third attic in the White Knight's Alcazar in Falador.


Talk to Sir Amik Varze, he will acquaint you that the Atramentous knights are planning to abort the White knights. He will ask you to spy on them. Accept his challenge. The abutting abode you charge to go is the Monastery. It is amid east of Ice Mountain. When you ability it, go arctic and you will see some Cabbages. Pick one up. Now it's time to alpha your mission. Go to the Atramentous Knights Breastwork which is amid on the arctic ancillary of Ice Mountain. If you accept the Bronze average helmet and the Iron chainmail appropriate now, abrasion them. After putting them on, accessible the athletic aperture in the axial allotment of the fortress, adverse the south. Advance the bank aloof abaft the aperture and go up the ladder. Once inside, you can put your accustomed (stronger) armor on for added defence. After you advance the wall, ascend the 2 ladders to get to the top floor. Ascend bottomward the ladder on your southeast side. Accessible the aperture on your east side. Accessible the added aperture and ascend up the ladder. This allowance has two cannons and a Atramentous knight. Ascend bottomward the ladder on your east side. You will be now in a allowance with a Zamorak altar. Accessible the aperture and a Atramentous charlatan will advance you. Either annihilate him or avoid him, again accumulate going. Ascend the ladder on your southwest. Now you will be in a baby room. Now we will alpha spying. Click the advantage on Listen-at grill. The witch will say that the abstruse weapon is about ready. She will charge the aftermost additive which is a Cabbage that grew in Draynor Manor. She will say that if the goblin fetches the amiss Cabbage, the abstruse weapon will be destroyed. That's your way to abort the weapon! Go aback bench to the capital attic and advance the wall. Now it's time to accessible the aperture on your east. One of the guards will say that the Atramentous knights are accepting an important affair and they will annihilate anybody who gets in. Say that you are adventurous and go in. One of the Atramentous knights will advance you. Either annihilate him or go up the ladder. Walk east and south and advance the wall. You will see a hole. Remember the Cabbage you picked? Use that Cabbage on the hole. The Cabbage will abatement into the alembic and abort the weapon. Now your job is done. Go aback and allocution to Sir Amik Varze. He will accolade you it accommodate some runescape power leveling experiences.