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Vincent Nyau is a Zambian national. He is a graduate of Bachelor of Food Science and Technology from the University of Zambia, (2004), Post graduate Diploma in Food Technology (2005) from the University of Ghent/Leuven, Belgium, Master of Science in Food Technology major in Post harvest and Food Preservation Engineering (2006), University of Leuven, Belgium. He has been working as a Lecturer in the School of Agricultural Sciences, Department of Food Science and Technology from 2006 to date. He has Scientific and Technical Expertise in Food Processing (Fish and Fish Products, Cereals, pulses, milk and milk products, meat and meat products, poultry and poultry products, fermented food products, fruit and vegetables), Food Safety and Quality, and Plant Design (Food Processing plant). He has Participated in a number of food related research with the most outstanding one being a collaborative research project between Jassen Jassen, an American Pharmaceutical Company and the Post harvest laboratory at the University of Leuven in Belgium under the support of Prof. Jozef Coosemans (2005-2006). This was a project in Post harvest preservation of tropical and subtropical fruits, with an emphasis on the use of Imazalil, Pyrimethanil and Thiabendazole to control post harvest fungal diseases on pineapple fruits imported on the Belgian market. He is also a Standards Technical committee Member – A committee responsible for developing standards for peanut butter in Zambia (organized by the Zambia Bureau of Standards) – August 2007 to date

Contact Details

University of Zambia, School of Agricultural Sciences, Dept. of Food Science and Technology, Box 32379, Lusaka, Zambia Email:, mobile +260 979 700151