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Frequently-Asked Questions for Breeders

(when purchasing or acquiring a new (Bernese Mountain Dog) dog)

  • For our own experience, we have assembled a list of Answers to the questions below.

How did you become interested in the Bernese Mountain Dog, and breeding?

In addition to breeding, what (dog) activities have you taken part in?

  • i.e., agility, showing, obedience, trails, carting, championship, therapy??

How often do you breed the bitch? Others?

Do you have future (long-term plans) for breeding?

Can we see the 4th generation pedigree for the litter?

Can we see the health certificates?

(i.e., hip and elbow, x-rays, eyes, heart, Von Willibrandts disease (OFA, CERF))

Do you do Genetic Testing?

Will you guarantee the health of the puppy to a certain age?

(i.e., 2 years). Will you assist if a problem arises?

Will you be available to answer questions throughout the dog's lifetime?

Have you done temperament testing?

Describe. Please tell us about the puppy's temperament.

  • Is the individual certified? By which organization / association?

How many shots / wormings have the puppies

by now, and in the future?

How many shots / wormings have the puppies

by now, and in the future?


  • what kind? how much? how often? When?


  • fish oil - giant bottle from Costco (1x day)
  • liquid glucoasamine (1x day)
  • Green lipped mussels
  • also something called Medicam (if necessary)


  • at 6-8 months
  • if bitch goes into heat, how many weeks?

Crate Training

  • do you believe in it? Why? Why not? What do you recommend?
  • what size, recommendations?

Grooming Tips

  • for coat, nails?


  • puppy, kindergarten, age, older?


  • what does it mean, be careful to not 'over exercise' the dog; what does this mean specifically?



  • Your vet, previous buyers?

Pet Insurance?

  • what kind, by whom, etc.

Do you have a sales contract? Terms?

  • Can we see the forms before signing?