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Dear Student,
I have prepared a sample of quiz and end of semester examination questions for your practice. I been in the Department of Economics for some years now and one thing I realised was that, TIME and PRACTICE were very scarce commodities to the students due to the fast nature of life with technology. Now that I am a Course Tutor in the Department, I have offered my self to help students to have some feel of pre-test questions (through the internet which they send most of they time on) so that it will enhance their performance in examinations.

Comments/suggestions: Your comments, suggestions, and criticisms are welcome. This will really shape my style of teaching and also be able to prepare better materials for future generations.

Please let me have your comments/feedback before or after taking my trial questions through my inbox.

Favorite wise saying! NO ONE KNOWS TOMMOROW!
Additional questions will soon be uploaded!

Please click on any of the trial questions to start work. Have a nice time. Goodluck!

Trial Quiz questions on Chapter 1
Trial Quiz questions on Chapter 2
Trial Quiz questions on Chapter 3
Trial Quiz questions on Chapter 4
Trial Quiz questions on Chapter 5
Trial Quiz questions on Chapter 6
Trial Exams questions on Labour Economics