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Dear Student,
I have prepared a sample of questions for your practice. I have been in this Department for some years now and one thing I realised is that, TIME and PRACTICE were very scarce commodities to learners since they pre-occupy themselves with modern technology. Due to this, the traditional library studies are not practiced and this turns to affect the performance of the students. It is about time the educators meet/catch these learners with the modern methods of teaching and learning. Now that I am a Lecturer in the Economics Department, University of Cape Coast, I have offered to help learners to have abundant resource materials in the courses I teach to help them have some feel of sample questions. This I believe will help the learner to have enough practice (in any part of the world) before the main test. This will make learning flexible, simple, easier to assimilate and above all enhance their performance in examinations.

COMMENTS/CONTRIBUTIONS/SUGGESTIONS I really need your comments/suggestions/contributions/criticisms to help me improve on my weakness and also become a good material for future generations.

Please let me have your comments/feedback before or after taking my trial questions through my inbox.

Additional questions will soon be uploaded!

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