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Time Management

Time Management & Learning Style

Each student is unique and possess different learning patterns. There are those who prefer to pace themselves, allowing sufficient time to plan, construct and review assigned tasks. There are also students who work best under pressure and maintain excellent grades. It is important for students to know what style is best suited for them and adopt that style to ensure success.

Some students are early risers, while others prefer studying and doing assignments late at night. Again, it is important for students to know what time of the day their bodies feel energized to concentrate on assignments. Use this time wisely to produce your best work as there are "down times" when your bodies are less energized and requires sleep, food or even relax time.

Knowing this type of information is important expecially when forming groups. Try to find persons who have similar learning patterns. Working with last minute people when your preference is different will frustrate you and cause some conflict as tension builds as the assigned tasks nears its due date.

Your prefered means of being receptive to information is a vital part of being an effective student.