Beginners ski lesson

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Beginners Ski Lesson

Here are some guidelines for you to follow, in designing your presentation:

1. Introduction

You might like to write the introduction, last after you have prepared the body of your presentation. Write the presentation introduction in full. It should not be more than 3 sentences.

Be sure to cover the following:

  • Who you are and what is going to happen i.e. Welcome to the Mountain ski school. My name is Nicky and today I will be introducing you to the fabulous sport of skiing during our 60 minute beginner’s lesson.

  • How long it will take and what is required for your audience i.e. Over the next few minutes I will explain a bit about skiing and its equipment, then we can all give it a go!

  • A theme statement i.e. By the end of the lesson you (the audience) will be familiar with ski equipment and have learnt some new skills for skiing and exploring the mountain by safely.

2. Transition from introduction

  • A short statement including a “hook” to get your audience interested i.e. Skiing is a fabulous opportunity to fill your lungs with fresh mountain air and get some exercise all the while having fun!

3. Body of presentation

Write each of your key points (or sub themes) as a sentence where the themes progress from one to the next.

For example:

  • Sub theme 1 - I will introduce the equipment to the visitors, first the clothes they are wearing (waterproof pants and jacket, gloves, sun glasses and hat), and the boots that they have on their feet, explaining a little about the environment and weather conditions.

  • Sub theme 2. Next I will introduce the ski, top(shiny pretty coloured bits), bottom(sliding surface), tip, tail and binding (bit that connects your foot to your ski)

  • Sub theme 3. Then I will demonstrate how to put the ski on and off

  • Sub theme 4. I would then invite the audience to give it a go and then try skating around on one foot!

  • Sub theme 5. Being satisfied that all participants have learnt how to put a ski on and off and skate around, I would introduce and demonstrate some skills like walking around with two skis on and then sliding down a very small(and safe) slope, inviting them to participate

  • Sub theme 6. Once they have achieved this I would then introduce the technique for stopping on a slope again inviting them to participate. I would ask them to have a go at making a triangle shape, or a piece of pie or a wedge. Demonstrating whist sliding along how producing a wedge shape with my ski tips together and the ski tails apart how this will make you stop! Then invite participation and have you all sliding and stopping on the slope.

  • Sub theme 7. Once achieving this I will introduce the skiers to the magic carpet or riding the beginner’s rope tow. Giving good clear instructions on safe riding procedure, how to get on the lift at the bottom of the slope, how to get off the lift at the top and where to wait once you have ridden to the top.

  • Sub theme 8. I would have everybody gather at the top of the lift and prepare for the first ascent of the beginners slope. All the while reinforcing safety first, then fun!

  • Sub theme 10. Satisfied that everyone has made a fabulous first ascent I would have them make a couple of runs practicing sliding and stopping then teach another skill such as turning.

  • Sub theme 11. Now, since our 60 minutes is nearly up, I would explain this is all for the first lesson and that people can spend the rest of the day practicing all they have learned. Leading to the…

4. Conclusion

Write this in full and be sure to cover the following:

  • Re-state or encapsulate your main theme i.e. Well folks that’s the end of our ski lesson today.

  • Thank them for coming on your tour or listening to your presentation i.e. Thanks very much for joining me on this beautiful blue sky day in the mountains!

  • Leave them with a good feeling about your company or activity i.e. It’s been great having you with us at the Mountain ski school, we congratulate you giving skiing a go and choosing us to give you that experience!

  • Provocation or further thought or action i.e. Enjoy your day out there, the beginners lift is open until 4pm and the snow is fantastic! It gives me great pleasure to invite you back to go on to the next level, (that takes us up the chairlift), when you are ready!

  • End with a bang! i.e. Lesson two is available at 2 people for the price of 1, at 3pm today if anyone is keen! You can sign up at the ski school office any time this afternoon. Take care and thanks again for coming! Remember Ski Safe!!