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Sudden infant death syndrom (SIDS) robs families by claiming the life of 4,500 infants per year, and currently leads the cause of death of infants ranging from 1-12 months (Centers for disease control (CDC), 2009). Two thirds of infants younger than one year old are in child care.Infants whose mothers work, spend on average 22 hours per week in child care.32% of infants are in child care full time.20% of the overall SIDS deaths occur when the infant is not in their mother’s care; 60% of these deaths are in family childcare settings, 20% in child care centers, and 20% in relative care (American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), 2008). This teaching plan addresses the need to educate on interventions designed to decrease the incidence of SIDS death while the child is not in the care of their own parent.

1/3 of SIDS deaths happen during the first week of child care, and 1/2 of these deaths happen the first day. Why? Maybe because the child care provider is not educated on the baby's regular sleeping habits. Placing a baby on their tummy to sleep when they regularly sleeps in their back can be fatal.

This shows a definite need that child care givers, whether familial or not, should be educated on SIDS prevention.

America Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), 2008

Babies should not be forced to go to sleep and never wake up...

Lets put our babies to sleep safely