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Identifying who needs it.

Drawing a clear picture of who exactly are the people who need Basic computer knowledge, is the first step in formating a clear, and simple strategy in imparting the same to them. It should be acknowledged here, that almost everyone, irrespective of educational qualification, age, work- culture, language etc.fall into this group; i.e., excluding those who have already received some sort of introduction to computers. Again, when it comes to rural areas in developing countries, this number can be very large indeed. It is imperative to add here, that there is a large percent of the urban population, who also do not come into contact with computers, but who would very much like to; even if it is for simple things like sending/recieving emails. In sub-categorising the above canditates, the question of affordability, availability of basic training facility infrastructures, trainers, etc. are the main hurdles facing both those who wish to learn, as well as those who wish to impart such knowledge.

Building an infrastructure.

Once this group of individuals,ranging from '6 to 60', for whom a PC remains a sort of dream ?! have been identified; someting concrete needs to be done about it, in order to see that they too are brought into society's mainstream; and not left behind...especially in this ever emerging and evolving E-Governed world. Planning an infrastructure on paper is definetly much easier than implementing it practically. The basics will involve 1.Funding 2.Assets, like the neccessary hardware, and the location to house the same. 3.Peripheries like electricity and a highspeed Internet connection. 4.Teaching materials, easy and simple teaching methods. 5.Good trainers (most important) 6.Finally all the relevant Govt. permissions,salaries and management have to be taken care of. Once all these are in place, it is imperative to make sure the momentum is kept up, and not allowed to deterioratte in any concievable angle.

Putting it all together

Bringing all this together is not as hard as it used to be in the past. Ironically we have the very same computers and Internet to thank for that. It is safe to state here that once the total set-up is in place, the traing facility would never run short of the number of people wishing to de-mystify 'Computers'.

The Training Course

So, what exactly should be taught? This too tis quite straight forward. It may sound weird to some individuals...but the bottom line is that there are millions out there, who do not know how to power on a computer. Therefore that is where the course lessons will have to start.