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Natural Durability of Bamboo

Durability of materials used is of paramount importance for making efficient use of the same. Low durability leads to early destruction of the material needing frequent replacement. Durability of materials differs with use. As Bamboo is a natural plant material composed of lignin and cellulose, it can undergo biological as well as physical degradation. Different agencies will play an important role in different situations. So the service life of any bamboo product will depend on the type and conditions of use. However, to compare durability with other materials having a similar use, like wood, methodologies have been developed. The most acceptable method is the grave yard test usually conducted on wood.

2.1 Agencies Degrading Bamboo

2.1.1 Superficial degradation Mold Fungi Stain Fungi
2.1.2 Decay White rot Soft rot Bacteria
2.1.3 Insects Borers Termites Marine borers Brown rot
2.1.4 Fire
2.1.5 Weathering

2.2 Traditional (Non-chemical) Methods of Protection

2.2.1 Clump Curing
2.2.2 Water Leaching
2.2.3 Surface Coating Lime washing Coal tar
2.2.4 Baking
2.2.5 Boiling in water
2.2.6 Deep frying
2.2.7 Smoking