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Day 1




The workshop consists of eight sessions:

Day 1

restructure of modules Background and review session

Module development session

Day 2

Training on production and hosting of materials

Development of sample materials

Day 3


Expanding the impact

Closing session

The sessions are designed to allow maximum participant involvement and discussion. Closing times are not given for the first two days to enable discussions to proceed to natural conclusions, as needed.

Friday 21st July

All times are indicative

Day 1 Chair: Dr I.V.Ramanuja Rao

A. Opening session

10.00: Welcoming remarks - Vice Chancellor, IGNOU

10.10: Introductory remarks - Dr Hansra, Faculty of Agriculture, IGNOU

10.20: Introductory remarks - Dr. I.V. Ramanuja Rao, INBAR

10.25: Introductory remarks - Dr. Savithri Singh, University of Delhi

10.30: Introductory remarks - Mr Andrew Lachkovics or Ms Helena Mill, COL

10.35: Self-Introductions – participants introduces themselves and what they bring to the project

11.00: Coffee/tea break

B. Background and review session

11.20: History and philosophy of the ODL project – Dr. Rao / Dr. Singh /IGNOU staff

Presentation on the philosophy and intentions behind the project.

Local and global opportunities of the project

Brief notes on the development of the project to date.

Aim and outputs expected from this meeting, introduction to the workshop agenda.

12.00: Who are we writing for? – Dr. Singh

Review of target audiences and their likely use of the materials – bringing in contextuality

Field trialling the materials with potential end users – garnering feedback for improvement of the courses.

12.30: Lunch

C: Module development session

13.30: A walk through the module development process – Dr. Singh, Dr. Rao

Module coordinator roles - Dr. Singh

Criteria to determine what should be included in the project and what not included re target groups - Dr. Singh

The Information Bank - Dr. Rao

14.30: Review of modules and contents – Dr. Singh, Dr. Kwaschik

Revisiting the modules.

Review of draft contents of training blocks.

Final agreement on curriculum course contents.

16.00: Coffee/Tea break

16.30: Review of modules and contents (cont) – Dr. Singh, Dr. Kwaschik

Feedback session with module coordinators - Dr. Singh

Day 2

Saturday 22nd July

Day 2 Chair: Mr Andrew Lachkovics

D. Training on production and hosting of materials

09.00: Introduction to eXe – Ms. Helena Mills.

09.30: Introduction to Wiki – Mr Andrew Lachkovics

10.00: Introduction to Moodle/discussion

10.30: Group Photograph

11.00: Coffee/Tea

E. Development of sample materials

11.30: Guided development of draft course materials by participants (hands-on training)

Each participant to produce at least one draft course material using each of the three media. Guided by Ms Helena Mills, Mr. Andrew Lachkovics, Dr. Singh, Dr. Rao.

13.00: Lunch

14.00: Guided development of draft course materials by participants (cont.)

15.30: Tea/coffee break

16.30: Presentation of materials produced by participants

17.00: Discussion on problems and experiences encountered

Day 3

Sunday 23rd July

Day 3 Chair: Dr. Savithri Singh

F. Methods

09.00: Making it work - Dr.Singh

Feedback from Course Modulators

Working methods, responsibilities and partner links

Timescale for first draft completion

Timescale for completion after in-situ trialling

Other matters

10.30: Tea/coffee break

10.50: Making it work - Dr. Singh (cont)

12:30: Lunch

G. Expanding the impact

14.00: Expanding the impact – Dr. Singh, Dr. Kwaschik, potential new partners and others

Presentations by NIC, ITC and other partners on what they can offer.

Discussions and agreement on how best to link them into the ODL.

Aim of expansion – where and why

Possible partners

Issues and opportunities (eg language)

Timescale and planned activities

16.00: Tea/coffee

H. Closing session

16.30: Concluding discussion – Dr. Singh

Any other matters arising

17.00: Concluding remarks

Conclusion by Dr. Hansra

Conclusion by Dr Rao

Conclusion by Mr Lachkovics/Ms Mills

Conclusion by Dr. Singh

17.30: Thanks, farewell and close.