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Bring Your Own Device

I am very keen to initiate a BYOD trial into my class programme for 2012.  I am currently studying ESG502 Authentic e-learning pedagogies out of UTAS.  My final assignment is a case study.  I am undertaking an investigation into my online pedagogy.  I am reflecting on my use of blogs and wikis with my learners.  I am currently working on  SWOT analyses for this project.  One is a personal SWOT analysis and the other is a SWOT on the class online learning environment.  I am also surveying learners to assertain their views using Survey Monkey. Analysis of this infomation will enable me to submit a case study based on my findings, experiences and recommendations for the future.

I am analysing my online environment in 2010 (as I am on study leave this year)

Wikispace for 2010

Blog for 2010

Links for BYOD will support this project:

Albany High School on Wikieducator [1]