BBOSI People/How to set up a BBOSI computer with Ubuntu alternative disk

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Installing Ubuntu on a BOSSI Computer

We choose to use an Alternative Ubuntu Disk as it is easier to install on older recycled computers

(Time for a Ubuntu installation is about 2 hours - including add-ons and updates)
 Watching the computer screen doesn’t speed up the process!

Insert:BBOSI Ubuntu Alternative Disk

  • Click on install Ubuntu
  • Choose a language- English
  • Choose a country- New Zealand
  • Detect keyboard- No
  • Origin of keyboard- USA
  • Keyboard layout- USA
  • Wait and be patient
  • Configure network- hostname - bbosi
  • Configure clock - Auckland
  • Partition disks- use entire disk
  • Write the changes to disks
  • Full name for new user - "bbosi"
  • User name again - "bbosi"
  • Choose password for new user
  • Use a weak password - yes/no
  • Encrypt your home directory - no
  • Configure the package manager - HTTP proxy blank - none
  • Install the GRUB boot loader - yes
  • Is the clock set to UTC - yes
  • Installation complete - remove CD

Computer automatically restarts

  • Log in

System - Preferences - Network proxy - Manual proxy configuration - Port 8080- Authentication - Username - Password - Apply system wide - Authenticate X2

Click on system - Administration - Synaptic package manager - Settings - Preferences - Network - Manual Proxy - - Port- 8080

Authentication - Username and password

Settings and repositories- Updates- Weekly- Install security updates without confirmation

System- Administration- Update manager- Check- Install Updates

Click System- Administration- Users and Groups- Add- New password- room12- OK- Advanced settings- User priveliges- Connect to wireless and ethernet ports- OK

System Administration- Login screen- Unlock- Authenticate- Log in as- room12- Close

Enjoy your BOSSI Ubuntu computer!